Saturday, July 21, 2018

Elzee hats in Bellville, Texas, 1912

The year is 1912 and this is the latest in ladies fashionable headwear--an interesting hat with an uninteresting name: Style O.C. 3054.

This rare postcard from Elzee Hats dates to 1912 and features Style O.C. 3054 with an image of a woman wearing the hat. The reverse side has a stamped message for the recipient from a Bellville, Texas merchant that sells Elzee hats:

 "We most cordially invite you 
to attend our 
Spring Opening 
Tuesday, March 19, 1912. 
Schauerhammer & Roensch." 

Elzee was the brand name for hats made by Levis-Zukoski Mercantile Company in Saint Louis, Missouri. Their merchants were supplied with these postcards and this Texas merchant used it to advertise their Spring Opening event. Presumably, they had a few of these hats in stock. I wonder how many women came in and wanted one?