Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cooperstown trade card 1880s

Later this month, in Cooperstown, New York (one of my favorite places) is the 17th Annual Cooperstown Antiquarian Book Fair.

With that in mind, here’s a trade card for an old bookseller who had just purchased his partner's interest in a Cooperstown book shop, circa 1880s, and sent this card around to introduce the name change from Cockett & Wood to Delos M. Wood, Bookseller and Stationer.

The book trade is still going strong there as well as that other game in town—baseball. Whether baseball was invented there or not, as one version has it, the game has been integral to this community for some seventy years with the Baseball Hall of Fame there. And I would suspect book shops have always played a role in the area’s culture.

I was last there about four years ago and found two shops in town and more in the surrounding area. I only had time to visit Willis Monie’s shop and I could have camped out there all day. Much to see. As with the Baseball Hall of Fame. As with the whole area.


  1. I wonder - do you think he printed up the cards himself? Advertising as a stationer back then usually meant providing calling cards and personal stationery. Just curious if you happen to know, Chuck.

  2. I always thought Cooperstown to be a one-horse town--that horse being baseball. I had no idea they have their own book fair. I am quite intrigued by their guest, who titled his book Fossicking for Old Books. "Fossicking" is a new term for me, and I'm enjoying using it just now around the house.

  3. Dave, I don't know about the printing, but my guess is that Wood subbed it out to a local printer. If he were a printer as well, it seems like the words "job printer" or something to that effect would have appeared on his card. then again, I can't find any clues on the card about another printer.

  4. Baseball is certainly the big draw in Cooperstown, and without that it wouldn't have the destination status it enjoys. Baseball aside, it's still a neat little village to visit for a day or two. I hope to do just that this fall and do a little "fossicking for old books" myself. And see the Hall again.

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