Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Indiana medical ephemera

Here's a sampling of vintage Indiana medical ephemera--one doctor and several pharmacists to fill the scripts. I doubt this is representative of Indiana medicine in the late 1800s, but it was an interesting enough sample to make it part of my collection.

The lone doctor in the bunch, Dr. L.C. Cline, refers to his practice as "limited to the Throat, Nose & Ear (a TNE?). Today, that would be Ear, Nose & Throat, or ENT for short. For long, try Otolaryngology, the medical specialty that treats diseases of the ear, nose & throat. And by the way, Otolaryngology is the oldest medical specialty in the United States.

Here's Dr. Cline's script for a patient. Note that his office address and his home address are printed on the form. It was a simpler time...

And here come the pharmacists, lined up to fill those scripts.

Peters and Shoemaker from Whitestown, November 14, 1890:

Jones' Drug Store in Greencastle, December 3, 1891:

Ray & Sourwine Druggists, Bowling Green, September 28, 1881:

Another one from Greencastle... C.W. Landes & Co. Druggists, July 20, 1881:

Buntin and Armstrong Chemists and Pharmacists, Terre Haute, July 21, 1881:

Allen's Drug Store, another Greencastle druggist, November 14, 1881:


  1. Well, let's move on to Dentists, and more precisely, Barbers! I had a barber approach me at an Antique show this past weekend asking if I had any paper for barbers, and especially barber chair manufacturers Koch or Koken. There appears to be a lot of cztalogs and ads, but not much in the line of billhead or letterhead. I'd like to find something for him!

  2. Back in the day, some barbers did perform dental procedures. As for related paper, you might have an easier time finding something having to do with one anesthetic of choice--whiskey!

  3. I can't imagine any reason for a barber to have letterhead or billhead for that matter. However - barber supply businesses (like Kochs or Koken) probably would. I keep wishin' and hopin'.