Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Baskets from Williams Manufacturing, Northampton, Massachusetts

Williams Manufacturing in Northampton, Massachusetts was known for its fine baskets in the 19th century. A basket was included in the logo for this billhead from 1897.

The Central and Western Massachusetts digital library project known as Digital Treasures, has a nice photo in their archives that puts a "business face," so to speak, on the paper ephemera.


  1. What is the top line item? It's a typical bill head for the period, back when business meant making your paper look good to promote the business.

  2. Sorry... didn't have comments notification turned on and am just now seeing your comment. The top line reads: "No claim allowed unless made upon receipt of goods." I agree with you on the point about making the paper look good to promote the business. I like these old billheads for the aesthetics and for the history lessons. They remind us that we don't manufacture near as many products as we used to here in America.